Tenants & Properties are the fundamentals of a good asset portfolio.  DLA Realty has a number of Industrial Commercial & Retail Assets under Management on behalf of our property owners that need experienced & efficient management .

We balance our property management with a ‘hands on approach’ where we make regular visits to the property to inspect, assess, and report on property maintenance, completed work,  or consult with Tenants to solve any issues in relation to the Lease or Property.  We use the latest technology to ensure Owners are kept up to date with reports using fresh digitised images that are compiled and emailed to property owners as requested.

Quarterly or Half Yearly ASSET REPORTS are produced as requested by the Property owners detailing financials for  Tax reports, including Rental income, Repairs & Maintenance,  GST and depreciation on request. We also produce easy to read  MONTHLY TAX INVOICE STATEMENTS  for Tenants detailing NET RENT, OUTGOINGS and GST where applicable.

ALL our property management services are paid for by the Tenant as part of the outgoings.

A GOOD PROPERTY MANAGER is part lawyer, part accountant, part tradesman, and part real estate agent and believes  the most important goal is to ensure the rental income stream is maximised on the property he or she manages. Welcome to DLA Property Management